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NOTICE: The donations tab supports Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House This is a new charity to our display and we are excited to be partnered with them!

Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House Donation Page

House On Christmas Street

Tour 2017

LIVE "Mini Concert"

Friday, December 1st, 2017

Concert Begins at 7:00pm

Judy Pancoast will be returning for her 5th time to Reph's Family Winter Wonderland for her annual concert tour singing songs 

including her famous "House On Christmas Street" with a free LIVE "mini concert on our front yard! It is open to the public so pass the word along! She will be going all across the country doing this all for charity! After the concert, Judy will sell CD's and do free autographs & pictures!

Other events: Prize Raffle - ALL proceeds go to Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House!, Santa Visits!, Hot Chocolate, Baked Goods, Toys for the kids, Bushkill Township Fire Truck appearance!

NOTICE - We buy used/unwanted Christmas Decorations. Please use the CONTACT US form to send us information if you don’t want the decorations. This includes airblown inflatables (even if the blower does not work), plastic blowmold figures, wireframes, basically any yard decor. Be green and keep them from the landfills!!!

Official Santa Tracker from Norad

Get a Letter or Phone Call from Santa!

Want to E-Mail Santa? Send him an e-mail clicking HERE

Watch Santa LIVE on webcam

Santa Clause can send you Happy Birthday cards

Find out the North Pole Weather!

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HOLIDAY HAZARDS- Fire Safety Tips for the entire family!

When buying your Christmas Tree, be sure to pick a fresh tree. You'll know it's fresh if the needles are firmly attached. When the tree is in your home, keep plenty of water around the base. A dry tree is the source of more than 1,000 house fires every year.

Be bright about lights! Don't use lights with worn insulation, broken plugs, and loose sockets. They can cause fires, shocks and even electrocution.

Be careful when hanging several light strings together. You could have an overload situation. Remember, all lighting inside and out, should be turned off before going to bed. Regular mini lights usually are 3 sets max strung together while newer LED lights are 23 or more.

Space heaters- keep away from curtains, bedspreads, and furniture. Make sure children know they could get burned if they touch one.

Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care? Be especially careful if there’s a cozy fire going in the fireplace.

Be sure fireplaces are covered with a sturdy metal screen or heat tempered glass doors. This reduces the chance of a fire starting from escaping sparks of wood.

Take the tree down when the holidays are over. Every day it stands in the house, it gets drier.

Do not coil extension cords or regular light cords. They cause a magnetic field, heat and could cause a fire.



Never leave a fire unattended. Have your chimney & fireplace inspected annually by a certified chimney sweep. They check for cracks, crumbling, obstructions, & creosote build-up. Burn dry, well-seasoned wood to prevent fires in the flue. Make sure your stove burns hot twice a day for 15-30 minutes to reduce creosote build-up. Charcoal can give off lethal amounts of carbon monoxide so never burn it indoors. Make sure the fire is out before going to bed. NEVER close the damper while hot ashes are in the fireplace, this could cause the fire to flare up and cause toxic carbon monoxide to be released to the house. If you use synthetic logs, read the instructions on the package, never break them apart to quicken the fire or use more than one log at a time. Place ashes outdoors in a covered metal container at least 3 feet from anything that can burn.


Make sure you have 3 feet of space between the heater and everything else like stated above. Never leave children unattended around heaters or use extension cords with them. Be sure the heater has a tip-over shut-off function, clean dust from heaters; buildup can ignite and cause a fire. Turn off the heater when leaving the house or sleeping. Avoid using heaters in the bathroom.


Leave furnace work to the experts and have a qualified technician check and clean your unit yearly. The technician should check the wall and ceiling near the furnace and flue. If they are hot you may need extra insulation. Be sure the emergency shut-off and controls are in good condition. Always keep trash, papers, paint etc. away from the furnace.


Install a smoke detector in each level, and each bedroom of your home and test them once a month. Never remove batteries from smoke detector to use in toys or anything similar. Change your batteries twice a year. When you change your clock change your batteries. Smoke detectors save lives!


If your pipes freeze, don't try to them with a blowtorch or other open flame. The pipe can conduct heat and start a fire. Try a hand held dryer, hot water or UL labeled device for thawing. Never use oven or range to heat your home. This is a safety hazard and can build-up toxic fumes. Be certain that all windows used as emergency exits can still be opened in winter. If a fire hydrant is near your house, help keep it clear of snow and debris, it will make it easier for the fire department when they arrive.


Plan a fire escape with your family. Practice the plan twice a year; it’s good to practice in winter so you know what to do in the cold. Make sure all family members know the plan and decide a meeting place outside and away from the house where everyone can be accounted for. If you suspect a fire, get out and call 911 from your cell phone or neighbor’s house. Never re-enter a burning building.